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To Whom It May Concern:

I am providing this recommendation letter in good faith of our business partnership with Optimum System Products, Inc. to express our complete satisfaction. Since 2005, we have had the opportunity to be serviced by Optimum System Products, Inc. The quality of products and the level of customer service provided by Optimum have always been outstanding. As our needs have changed over the years, Optimum has successfully evolved to provide us the products and services needed for our business.

There are many other things I could add, but mainly I'd like to say it is a pleasure to work with a company who is dedicated to their customers and always provides quality products and services. Given our experience with Optimum System Products, Inc. we are happy to recommend them and hope they prove to exceed all of your expectations too.

Jessica A. Bowers
Marketing Manager
The Community Bank

To whom it may concern,

As a community bank continuing to grow and expand in Northeast Ohio, we realized that we could no longer continue to operate the same way we always had.  We needed to streamline and automate certain areas of the bank; in particular, the management of our printed materials and office supplies and that is why we decided to partner with Optimum System Products.
Through our partnership with Optimum, we have been able to reduce the number of vendors we use from more than 10 to a single source for all of the bank’s needs.  Optimum works with banks throughout the country and was able to save us money through their aggregate buying power.  Not only has Optimum been able to save us money on the hard dollar costs associated with printed materials and office supplies, but we are also seeing soft dollar savings as a result of the efficiencies of the program they implemented.  Our facilities team no longer has to worry about reordering printed materials when stock is running low, no more orders are coming in from the branches, and our staff no longer has to take time to pick/pack and deliver orders.  Our team is now able to concentrate on growing the bank and serving our customers. 
Storage space for printed materials and office supplies is no longer an issue at our main office and operations building because Optimum warehouses all of our materials.   We were able to clear out two large storage rooms that we can now turn into offices.
Our branches are now able to order all of their print and office supplies on-line and all orders are delivered directly to each branch.  We also implemented a customized approval system so that all orders are reviewed and verified before being submitted.  With Optimum’s on-line ordering site, we are able to see exactly how much each order costs as items are added to a virtual shopping cart. 
As a result of the on-line ordering system, Optimum is able to track and report back to our accounting department exactly how much our branches are spending on office supplies verses printed materials.  We are now able to accurately charge expenses back to the branches using Optimum’s monthly reports.
Since our conversion to Optimum, we have been able to eliminate more than 20 obsolete items.  Optimum helped us question the necessity and use of these items, and we were able to either convert them to e-forms or eliminate them altogether.
Optimum has also been able to help our marketing department with custom print jobs and mass mailings. 
Moving forward, we are discussing more opportunities for cost savings with Optimum, such as statement/notice print outsourcing, copier/printer fleet management, and revenue enhancing marketing programs.  Not only is Optimum a single resource for print and supplies, they bring knowledge and expertise to our bank in a variety of areas.
I strongly recommend Optimum and am more than willing to discuss with you how Farmers National Bank has benefited from partnering with a trusted source.

Rick Bunyoff
Farmers National Bank - Canfield, Ohio

To Whom It May Concern:

After years of dealing with multiple vendors for different office supplies and trying to find space to store inventory we decided to make some changes.  Optimum has enabled us to eliminate the hassles of dealing with so many vendors as a one stop shop.  They are able to offer everything from staples to chairs and desks.  In addition, they offer other very useful services and business partners; we even used them to help us with a loan marketing campaign.

We all know the more you buy the cheaper it is; however, it also creates a storage nightmare.  With the cost of construction it does not make since to have giant store rooms in each office.  Optimum takes care of all storage issues for you and ships your supplies and personal inventory on an as needed basis.

We are very satisfied with the level of service and solutions Optimum has been able to provide to our bank.

Shon B. Myers
Farmers & Merchants Bank - Miamisburg, Ohio
Farmers and Merchants

We are very satisfied with Optimum. It's nice to have things so centralized and working with Paula is an absolute joy. She is so helpful and friendly.

Erin L. Ellefson
Operations Supervisor
Baylake Bank - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Baylake Bank